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Why is Fox News so quiet about Jeanine Pirro’s anti-Muslim remarks?

marzo 17, 2019
Why is Fox News so quiet about Jeanine Pirro's anti-Muslim remarks?
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Jeanine Pirro causes problems to her employer, it is clear.

The host of Justice with Judge Jeanine on Fox News is off and would have been suspended. After its weekly show was not aired on Saturday night, CNN reported Sunday, via "a source family in the matter," that the network has closed for an indeterminate amount of time.

The move comes one week after Pirro opened his episode of March 9 with a few words for the representative Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) And the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi. At one point during this nearly 10-minute speech, Pirro focused on the Omar hijab, a headgear worn by some Muslim women.

Pirro suggested that Omar's religious beliefs – the total of which is communicated by his decision to wear a hijab, in the eyes of the Fox animator – put it at odds with the United States. Constitution. The flashback came quickly.

As of March 12, at least four advertisers had fledaccording to The Hollywood journalist. Fox even made the rare act of issuing a statement: "We strongly condemn Jeanine Pirro's comments about Representative Ilhan Omar, they do not reflect those of the network and we approached the issue directly with her."

That's all the network had to say on the subject, but the eyebrows raised when the Pirro show was not broadcast on Saturday. Even Donald Trump himself has noticed, spending some of his Sunday morning, executive time on Twitter defend it.

Fox News neither confirmed nor denied any suspension or dismissal in CNN's report, nor did it say whether it would return on March 23 (CNN source noted that Pirro was not fired, so take it to its true value.)

It's worthless: this whole story of songs with Fox News disengaging publicly as unconfirmed reports arise around his internal decisions seems familiar. It reminds me of the new fires that took flight in November 2018 when the network suddenly stopped updating several Twitter accounts, including its main Fox News channel (which still has more than 18 million followers).

All this song and dance seems familiar.

Just as what is happening now, all we know comes from anonymous sources. The reports at the time suggest that the sudden stop of Twitter was a kind of silent protest. This occurred after protesters who showed up at Tucker Carlson, the Fox News host, posted his address (publicly available, please note) on Twitter. The network reportedly felt that Twitter had not acted quickly enough to remove the offending tweets.

That's why the Fox News Twitter account has been silent since November 8th, or an unconfirmed report on the topic you have stated. The network has not said a word publicly about it, but – if you believe the reports, most of which come from reputable news sources, someone (or more people) speaks / talks obviously.

We now see a similar situation taking shape with Pirro. The news of the current repercussions is there, but the network has taken no public action to explain its response outside of a vague condemnation.

Why should he? Think of it from Fox News's point of view. The majority of viewers in the network share Trump's view that the mainstream media is "false information" and an "enemy of the people". They do not trust the media, but they trust Fox.

It is therefore risky for the network to act publicly in these situations, be it to admit an act of protest or to accept responsibility for an embarrassing moment. Information is allowed to "flee" to conventional media sources – "false information", to most Fox viewers – while the network itself says nothing, subtly reinforcing the doubts of its viewers.

It's a real toddler-to-eat-to-eat. "Leaks" manage more mainstream public relations messages for mainstream media, while silence among Fox News viewers just wants to see the network continue to own libraries.

Here is what we know for sure, namely the current and provable facts: Pirro's offensive comments about Omar and, more generally, Islamic beliefs have cost its advertisers dearly. Fox News opposed the madness with a vague promise "we solved the problem with it directly," and then his show was not aired on Saturday.

This is perhaps the extent of Pirro's punishment for this transgression. Instead of getting angry at his seemingly light wrist, I urge you to look at the bigger picture.

Watch what Fox News does and how it works in a post-Trump world. Take note of the controversy that is emerging around the network and really think about who will benefit when internal sources hand over cops to CNN, New York Magazine, or literally any mainstream media not called Fox News.


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