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While You Were Offline: Cats Caused the Facebook Outage (jkjk)

marzo 17, 2019
While You Were Offline: Cats Caused the Facebook Outage (jkjk)
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It's a seven day swing you saw the Fox News host, Tucker Carlson complain about bullying, actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin charged with bribery scandal in college, North Korea threaten to suspend negotiations with the United States, climate change officially claim the Arctic, terrible mass shooting in New ZealandPaul Manafort get another 43 months and then accused of 16 other crimes, Congress vote unanimously to publish the Mueller Report publicly only to Lindsey Graham will close it alone in the Senate and, of course, yet another Democratic candidate for the presidency of the United States they are themselves. But it is nowhere that people have spoken online during the last week, as you will discover. What is the buzz? Here is what happens

All is not an emergency, according to the Senate

What happened? Surprisingly, Republican Senators decide not to follow the party line when the President declares that his quirks constitute a national emergency every time he says it.

Where did it go: Twitter, media reports

What Really Has happened: You may remember that President Trump declared national emergency at finance his animal border wall A month ago, a way to save face after the closure of the government came to an end because he was earning absolutely nothing that he had wanted. You can also remember that the Congress then voted to block the statement, pushing everything in the Senate under Republican control to vote. This vote finally took place this week in the Senate, and if the Trump administration hoped to ensure that it would disappear, it was preparing for a rude awakening.

With the Democrats in the Senate, the bill would need Republican support to be adopted; what no one seemed to seriously consider was the number of Republicans cross the isolate at vote against their President. Before Thursday's vote, there was a lot of work in numbers and the situation did not look good for the White House.

Despite or maybe because of some obvious threats of President Trump before the vote he truly not go his path, at the end.

As a senate vote at to reject the national emergencypeople were wondering how the president would react. The answer was … well, pretty much what you expected, really.

For those who play at home: No, the resolution would most certainly not "OPEN BORDERS", do not worry about "crime, drugs and trafficking in our country". But you know, who needs facts when you have a hyperbole? This first response, however, attracted a lot of attention.

It can not be denied that President Trump is, if nothing else, very memorable.

The takeaway sale: In one way or another, the Senate vote will remain historic. Not only because it was the first time that the Senate opposed a national emergency declaration of the President of the United States, but also because many people had already expressed themselves about their overtaking of the presidential power. This will not be forgotten quickly.

What is this day and age is worth it?

What happened? Is it possible that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi does not take Donald Trump seriously? An interview this week raised the possibility when she approached the idea of ​​dismissal more seriously than she had ever done before.

Where did it go: Twitter, media reports

What Really Has happened: This is the subject a a lot many people have thought about the last two years. For example, when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke about Trump's indictment, he was sure to get attention. It can be argued that most people who thought about it would have been disappointed by what she had to say.

Pelosi clearly knew what she was doing. In the full interview, she even says, "I'll give you news right now", before saying that Trump is not worth dismissing, knowing that his comments would be get a a lot of to play. (No really. a a lot a a lot. Seriously.) The response on social media was immediate and passionate. Some were disappointed:

-Although others were just angry:

It may be worth noting, before going further, that the title version of what was said was not exactly what Pelosi actually said and that there were some additional nuances that were not widely shared.

As you might expect, there had been a lot of analysis of what Pelosi had said, with some people believing they had an idea of ​​what was going on. really behind the comment.

In reality, Pelosi was not the only one to exercise democratic leadership.

And as it was, it's not as if she really changed a lot of minds within his own party with the comments. But maybe all it was just a big feint …

The takeaway sale: Despite all the scandal about the idea that Pelosi was giving up (or was simply politically opportune), it is possible that his ambitions were much simpler.

In case of emergency, keep your feet on the ground

What happened? After a plane crash last weekend, the entire world has mobilized to ensure that its plans are not released, with the exception of the United States, at least in the beginning. Apparently, a phone call can have serious consequences.

Where did it go: Twitter, media reports

What Really Has happened: Sunday, 157 people died when a Ethiopian Airlines companies plane it's crushed just after takeoff. As noted almost immediately, this was the second flight on the Boeing 737 MAX s' crashed in the last six months. As a result of the accident, authorities around the world began grounding the Boeing 737 MAX plane for security reasons

There was a notable absence from the list … and that was not because the US just did not have got around at he again

This decision seemed even more absurd when more information began to appear.

Why did the FAA not base the plans? If only we could understand the strangeness around this problem …

Yes, Boeing's CEO had request the President personally to keep his plans in the air. What a surprise, as the saying goes. Yet, at least, you know that the president would be able to get out of this tricky situation on Twitter. You see, according to President Trump, the problem was not Boeing's plans, but … all plans …?

The Internet has welcomed this theory:

After this line of attack is not, ahem, fly, Canada has joined the list of countries banning the Boeing 737-

And the United States could no longer restrain itself:

That was a big problem? pretty one great

For all those who wonder how they were affected by the decision, it could be worse; You could be in the FAA, which is now facing new meticulous examination legislators for failing to act sooner. What happened to those friendly skies, huh?

The takeaway sale: Some people have already begun to take note of what this has had on Boeing's stock price.

When it comes to falling, his actions are better than those current plans full of peoplesurely.

Brexit status: SNAFU as always

What happened? For all those who are wondering how to prepare for the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union, the answer is very simple: really very badly. That's about all that is clear on the current state of Brexit.

Where did it go: Twitter, media reports

What Really Has happened: Let's turn our attention, for a brief moment, from the Atlantic Ocean to the UK, where everything goes terribly wrong. Why Well, this is the embarrassing story of Brexit, which is currently scheduled in (look at the calendar) in less than two weeks, at the time of writing. With all this close, everyone has surely sorted out all the details and it is only last minute preparation, is not it?

Maybe not. After all, this week began with British Prime Minister Theresa May finally get key agreements in place with the European Union on what to do with the border Ireland / Northern Ireland – the so-called "support agreement" – which meant that it was a plan in place for the first time in a long time. The President of the EU not frustrated by the whole process at all.

Nevertheless, with this newly signed protection agreement, the British parliament could finally have "significant vote, "What was a vote to approve the agreement, that the government had made to ensure that the Brexit was actually taking place in a way that was not literally" the United Kingdom. Uni is no longer part of Europe, see you soon! "Brexit Deal," What we do not really want. "It was the second time that there was a significant vote on the agreement of Prime Minister Theresa May on the Brexit the first, in January, had led to a historical defeat for she government. How did the second one go?

Well, it was embarrassing. But it could have been worse.

The defeat of the meaningful vote meant that Plan B had to be deployed fairly quickly. (Technically, "Plan we did not have any more alphabet", but simplify the subject of this story.) Fortunately, Plan B was … somewhat apocalyptic and melodramatic.

Yes, it was a parliamentary version of "You do not like my toys? And there is no toys? With what will you play then? "And then, Tuesday's votes were followed by those of Wednesday, who go likewise well.

So how did it go? Well, it depends on who you ask.

And how was the vote on the Brexit postponement and / or referendum held on Thursday? As we must expect, confusing and contradictorily.

Will the EU accept a deadline? This is not yet quite clear, because the European Union is playing very hard against the collective.

For everyone in Britain, did this week's events change what was happening in a meaningful way? Apparently not.

The takeaway sale: Such has been the theme of the British political intelligentsia over the past seven days. If not much, much longer, at least as far as Brexit is concerned.

What's worrying you, Internet?

What happened? What happens when one of the largest social media platforms, which powers another of the largest social media platforms, breaks down? This week, we had an 11-hour preview.

Where did it go: Twitter, media reports

What Really Has happened: Wednesday was a bad day for anyone looking to post anything on Instagram or Facebook, like all Linked to Facebook go below for hours unexpectedly. Maybe not all.

The outage was at least enough to trigger Facebook's public statements about what was happening. Not that they have really cleared up anything.

So what was really happening? Facebook was not saying except to say what was not past.

The reason may be that even Facebook did not really know what was going on at the time.

Suddenly deprived of the opportunity to consult elderly parents or tell stories after Insta, the Internet was not sure what to do with it, but some people had suggestions. (On Twitter, natch.)

Do not worry, though, at least one meme went through the platforms while the blackout had spread over 11 hours.

The lack of information on the cause of the failure did not prevent the emergence of extremely zany suggestions.

So, what has it really happened? It turns out that it was not as bad as people feared it.

Or, at least, that's what they want to to believe.

The takeaway sale: Do not pay attention to the official line. One day, the truth about what really happened will emerge.

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