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Emilia Clarke opens up about health struggles while filming ‘Game of Thrones’

marzo 21, 2019
Emilia Clarke opens up about health struggles while filming ‘Game of Thrones’
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In a written essay for The New Yorker, Emilia Clarke revealed the serious health problems she was facing during filming Game of thrones.

Shortly after production packed for season 1 In 2011, Clarke remembers her collapse at the gym after a severe headache. The incident marked the beginning of the first of two major Clarke surgeries, each linked to a life-threatening brain aneurysm.

"At one level, I knew what was going on: my brain was damaged," recalls Clarke.

"The diagnosis was fast and worrisome: subarachnoid hemorrhage, a life-threatening stroke, caused by bleeding in the space surrounding the brain." I had an aneurysm, an arterial rupture . "

The gravity of the situation has been aggravated by statistics. Clarke explains, "about a third of HSA patients die immediately or soon after."

During the first week after her first surgery, Clarke had problems with aphasia. common consequence cerebral trauma that affects the patient's ability to understand or produce language.

She was also warned of a second smaller aneurysm on the other side of her brain, one of the warned doctors could "explode" at any time. "

"I'm an actor, I have to remember my lines." I do not remember my name anymore. "

"I could see my life in front of me and it was not worth living," Clarke says. "I'm an actor, I have to remember my lines." I do not remember my name anymore. "

Aphasia has finally disappeared, but Clarke's battle for the health of his brain will continue for years.

As she struggled to keep up with the long and painful healing process, as well as her rigor Game of thrones Clarke recalls having felt that her performance was falling.

"Season 2 would be my worst, I did not know what Daenerys was doing, I'm really honest, every minute of every day, I thought I was going to die."

After Clarke finished season 3 of Game of thronesshe underwent surgery for her second aneurysm. While the first procedure had been minimally invasive, the second was more severe.

"I had the impression of having gone through a war more than any other Daenerys," Clarke says. "I came out of the operation with a drain coming out of my head, pieces of my skull had been replaced by titanium."

The road to complete rehabilitation would be long, but now – just a few weeks before the film premiere Game of thrones Eighth and last season – Clarke is "one hundred percent".

The publication of this essay accompanies the launch of SameYou, a non-profit organization in Clarke, in a charitable organization that aims to provide treatment to patients recovering from a brain injury or stroke.

"There is something gratifying, and beyond luck, coming at the end of The Thrones"I am so happy to be here to see the end of this story and the beginning of what will follow," Clarke said.

Read the full Clarke test in The New Yorker and find out more about SameYou right here.


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