Chris Cox Is Leaving Facebook

Chris Cox Is Leaving Facebook

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Last spring, Chris Cox, the product manager for Facebook, has also been promoted to oversee Whatsapp, Messenger and Instagram. It seemed, at the time, almost like estate planning. If Mark Zuckerberg were to leave the company, Cox, his longtime confidante and representative of engineering and products, would be in charge of managing it.

But today, Cox announced that after 13 years in the company, he was leaving. "For over a decade, I share the same message that Mark and I have always believed: the story of social media is not yet written and its effects are not neutral. to the richness and complexity of social life As builders, we must strive to understand its impact – all the advantages and disadvantages – and undertake the daily work of leaning it towards the positive and the good. This is our biggest responsibility, "he wrote.

Cox is a valued employee of the company: it sets the direction for new employees and helps to define the product strategy of the company in every way. It was a quiet presence in a chaotic place and the employees jokingly called it: "Ryan Gosling's product from Facebook." He was one of the first 15 engineers of the company, at the time when it was called "The Facebook". He also helped design the first versions of NewsFeed, Facebook's most important product. He soon managed human relations, which was probably a good training for his later work managing relations with a restive information industry. Last year, I sat down for a long interview with Cable and explained the complexities of the company's policy on false information and hate speech, one of Facebook's top priorities for 2018.


For years it seemed like Cox and Zuckerberg agreed on almost everything. However, in his statement, Cox suggests that if a recent decision took them, have them separated.

Last week, Mark Zuckerberg released a manifesto on privacy who offered a new direction for the company, one based on encrypted messaging and interoperability of all messaging platforms overseen by Cox. And inside the Cox statement, there is a clue that this could have inspired the announcement today. "As Mark pointed out, we are turning to a new page in the direction of our product, focused on an encrypted and interoperable email network." This is a product-specific vision about today. "A modern communication platform that balances expression, security, security and privacy, it will be a big project and we will need leaders who are excited to see the new direction come to fruition."

It certainly sounds like Cox says he's not quite looking forward to seeing this project succeed.

And Zuckerberg may have hinted that too, in an interview with Cable last week When asked to focus on a company as big as Facebook, Zuckerberg responded, "It takes a lot of work to align teams and put in place the good leaders who believe in these priorities and able to execute them. "

This story is under development and will be updated as new information is provided.

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